February – Continuing my “ Resolve”

FALL – Transitions


Merry Christmas 2015!

My Word for 2016 “ Resolve “

2015 Embrace the Possibilities !



Spring 2017


SPRING  2017

Seasons are changing, I embrace the sounds and sights of Spring.    Love it !   It is truly rejuvenating and brings new hope and energy

I have been delayed in updating my blog.  Life has been busy and challenging.   My word for 2016 was resolve.

 I continue to develop this concept in my life.The word that feels right for 2017 is  Follow Through , ( okay 2 words ) in another way Action.                                To move forward with my Business , my life goals, I must follow through …… take action.                                                                                                                               The words simple and easy sound similar but the concepts are different.  Example:  our business strategy is simple … follow the steps.  The knowledge to lose weight is simple … modify how you eat and exercise.  BUT  the ” follow through “, taking action is not always  ”easy”.  It requires the decision and action, discipline to follow through .

So my focus is to release resistance,  release fears …… Trust my instincts and take Action.                                                                                                                                Follow through on my goals and dreams.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Manifest them into my reality.   Enjoy the Journey ….. Have FUN.

Happy Spring !

maifest reality with thoughts








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Merry Christmas 2016


Hard to believe another year is winding up. This has proven to be a very challenging year for me on many levels. My heart is filled with Gratitude. Even with the challenges I could see the blessings, the things to be thankful for. This has shown me very clearly to be in the Moment. We truly only have now and to make the most of it. Sending out big hugs to our family and friends. I hope you know how much you are appreciated and how much your support has meant to us . Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Holiday Season.
Merry Christmas !


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combination kayak20160615 for blog

We are quickly approaching our Summer Season, everything is lush and green with the wonderful scents drifting on the breeze. I was fortunate to just spend a solo, long weekend up North, one of my favourite places to unwind, recharge and soak up the beauty.

I have mentioned kayaking is one of my passions. The weather co-operated and I enjoyed a few days of heaven. I find the kayak so therapeutic , in rough water I am challenged, focused … it is a time to work through issues. When it is calm, the water feels like a moving meditation … it is easy to release, surrender and become allowing. 

These are practices I am continually working on, to maintain a High Vibration, reduce the “clutter” in my thinking and my life. It is a challenge to be in “Alignment”, to release resistance … to be Allowing. To stop paddling upstream…..     to “ release the oars” lean downstream and feel the ease of going with the flow.                                                                           To Focus on “ Feeling” rather than Thought.

Embrace the feeling to be Adventurous & feel the flutter of Excitement.

A phrase I enjoy is :


Wishing everyone a wonderful Summer season …. See you in the Fall.


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Spring 2016

branch & water This has been a bizarre Spring. Lovely weather, warm and sunny in March, then flipping back to cold, snow, ice storms and losing power. Still some talk of snow, but I think we have turned the corner.

I absolutely love the night songs, amazes me how everything comes to life and springs into action with just a little warmth and encouragement.  The other night was mild, clear, stars shining like diamonds and then … the serenade.  I am so grateful for our little piece of Heaven.  I am definitely a Country Girl at heart.

The saga .. for keeping my Resolve , developing my plan and being disciplined enough to follow it … is ongoing.  Each season presents a challenge.  Spring has such a draw to be out in the fresh air,  the sun and for me enjoying the animal’s antics.  Also itching to begin in the gardens.  I have slowly begun the clean up and I am thrilled to have the Spring bulbs and plants growing in leaps and bounds.  A few are already in bloom.

My Plan, DMO ( daily method of operation ) keeps me on track.  Having the backbone in place definitely makes it easier to work in the other items needed to be done.  Also ensures I have the time I desire to really  smell the Roses …. well actually right now it is the hyacinths ….. roses on the way.

Please check out our free gift and begin  Transforming  your Life !

Cheers    Irene

Wine glass & water simple life





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February – Continuing my “ Resolve”


Another month into 2016. I continue my journey, maintain my Resolve and delve deeper into self-discovery.    As the Lotus flower, the petals slowly unfold, revealing more to be discovered.

My ongoing challenge is Time management, a work in progress. Originally I came from a situation of struggling to carve out enough time to devote to my business. After making the decision to do my Business full time, I suddenly found myself with “free” unstructured time. I loved the freedom, but I found the days, weeks flying by and my Business productivity was not improving. I do have a full plate with my home life. I also found I was doing catch up with friends and simply enjoying my freedom.

So the time had come to reign myself in and develop my “plan”. Creating a daily method of operation enables me to schedule my time. Following this practice takes “Discipline”. This may sound too restrictive, but in actual fact, by following my plan, I am more productive with my business, caring for my home responsibilities, plus I have my free time. Developing the discipline takes effort and renewing my dedication daily.


P.S.   as the song goes … “ Girls just want to have Fun “

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My Word for 2016 “ Resolve “

Woman strength

My Word for 2016 “ Resolve “

Definition: Decide Firmly on a Course of ACTION

                    Firm Determination to do Something

The New Year has begun ….. did you start with strong resolutions …. Determination …. Now a few weeks in, has this begun to wain? A common scenario – Let’s make 2016 Different!
Firstly, do not begin with unrealistic goals …. Always make them a stretch, enough to get you out of your comfort zone, ( that is where the magic happens ) but do not set yourself up for failure.
In addition to goals, I have my “Dream List”, my “Bucket List”, that keeps Life interesting and fluid.
Remember to keep “Fun” in the loop, if you are not enjoying the Journey, revisit those goals.
What I love within the course material we cover, is to “Course Correct”, learn and adapt as you go. Do not over think or plan yourself to the point of No Action. Just Do It! Get started, adjust as you go.
New Year ….. clean slate …… each Day is a clean slate.
Make “ 2016” your Best Year Ever!
Quote by Lao Tzu:        “The Journey of a Thousand miles begins with a single step
BE BOLD ……Take the Step !

Lao Tzu the journey

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Merry Christmas 2015!


Merry Christmas 2015 !
Well it appears we will be having a green Christmas in our area. I have to admit, I don’t mind. It has definitely made travelling about much easier this year. We are also going to have a Full Moon, hope it is clear enough to see.

As we move through this Holiday Season, I am experiencing a very different version. Things are not playing out in the usual fashion. I have needed to listen to my own advise and release the “need” to have things the way they “should be”

I have experienced a big lesson (for me) to also be able to receive. To be open enough to ask for assistance ( definitely not my comfort level ) but also to accept the help offered.
This has been a very emotional time with certain family needs requiring more attention. I am so grateful for my wonderful, supportive family and friends that have made it possible to address these needs and assist me in maintaining a routine at home. There are not enough ways to say Thank you, or show my appreciation and gratitude. In these moments, the love shows through, comes to our aid. How fitting to be enveloped within this season.
Virtually all of our Traditions have changed for this year, but we have experienced new and different ways to enjoy the season.
I continue to focus on developing my Dream Life. 2015 has certainly been a dramatic turning point for me. I continue to shed what no longer works, and open to the Possibilities.

Embrace the Joy, spread Love and Happiness.

Remember ….. if you Love someone …. tell them !
Magic truly does happen.






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FALL – Transitions

wordle Transform

I began this year with the thoughts around “Embrace the Possibilities

This truly has been a year of new possibilities, transitions, confronting limiting beliefs and finding the courage to follow my heart. It is becoming more clear to me all the time how we do attract into our life what we are focusing on.

I have also implemented this concept into my daily living. I strive for Improvement not Perfection. This has been huge for me. When striving for Perfection, I usually ended up stopping myself in my tracks. Then nothing significant was accomplished. Striving for Improvement has been so freeing. I do what I can at a given time and feel good about what I have accomplished . No Stoppers.

Our Company has just rolled out this amazing new product to complement our existing Personal Development line up, I have already gone through the program a couple of times and I am astounded by the light bulb moments I am experiencing.
Transform Your Life – 17 Day Personal Prosperity System
If you have a desire to be on the cutting edge of this transformational information, you owe it to yourself to check us out.
Aptly named “ Break Through Transformation” you will find this an accelerated method of blasting through your limiting beliefs, gaining valuable fresh insights.

What an incredible year this has been so far, looking forward to a very exciting finish and can’t wait to see what 2016 will hold.

Life truly is just getting better and better. With the knowledge that we are in the driver’s seat when it comes to our life, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

17 day system

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Summertime – “Abundance “

Abundance for blog

Summertime exemplifies the feeling of “Abundance “, bathed in sunshine, summer breezes and starlit nights. Taking in the heady scents of the plants heavy with blossoms. I love to take a drive down the country roads, seeing fields and fields of crops maturing, bright country markets and lively community gatherings. Love enjoying lazy summer afternoons, sharing a refreshing cooler with friends. We are surrounded by the beauty and abundance of Nature.
I love to be out in the very early morning when the world is still, only to be greeted with Bird songs, enjoying the fresh scents hanging in the air and watching the lingering mists quickly burn off as the sun rises.

I say thank you every day for our little piece of Heaven .


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Spring Time …………. New Beginnings

Dare to Dream

Dreams ………………

I am a Dreamer, a hopeless Romantic and a Believer.
Our whole World consists of People’s dreams, bringing them into reality, art, music, dance, medicine, technology, flight … on and on.
When I hear the word dream, this song is one of the first things that comes to mind. I love the Passion.
The Impossible Dream – Man of La Mancha

To dream the impossible dream
To fight the unbeatable foe
To bear with unbearable sorrow
To run where the brave dare not go
To right the unrightable wrong
To love pure and chaste from afar
To try when your arms are too weary
To reach the unreachable star
This is my quest
To follow that star
No matter how hopeless
No matter how far
Please visit this link to hear the whole song.

“Dare to Dream” – to create the Life of your Dreams.
With your Dreams ….. Be Bold, be Free, be Creative … connect with Loved one’s that have crossed over, recapture memories.
The word “Dream” sends me off in so many different directions, from being a young girl, laying on a riverbank, daydreaming of what my future would hold. As a young adult Dreaming of “Making a Difference”, I was going to save the world. Yes there have been many bumps along the road, dreams fallen by the wayside, numerous dreams dashed before my eyes. But through all the years, many tears, I have never lost my passion for Dreams or my belief that they can come true.
Often to bring a dream into reality we must take “a leap of faith”, knowing in our Hearts it is the right choice. This too I have done on a number of memorable occasions, and my life is richer for having made those leaps. I have found the dreams that matter the most are the ones that require the faith, the leap, doing the work.
To lift your spirits, recapture that Dreamy feeling …… watch children, talk with the children. Feel their carefree spirit, their ability to see the world with all its wonders and not be tainted by the conditioning we experience as we become adults.
I have an absolute love for the Arts – painting, sculpture, music, dance, theatre. These are more dreams manifested into reality. What can unite a crowd, be a universal language …. Music, touching our Soul.
Our ability to travel, communicate, even our ability to access information on line are dreams come true.
When you see someone living their dream, following their passion, you can feel their energy, the positive vibration radiating from them. They have a presence. For example, Sir Richard Branson.
Athletes aspire to attain their goals – their Dreams. To bring a dream into reality takes dedication, discipline … to be unstoppable. To move forward regardless of the opinion of others. If you fall down, pick yourself up, learn from the experience, refocus and move forward.
We are able to enjoy the results of so many dreams. I am astounded when I research the history of individuals and the challenges they experienced to realize their dreams. The scorn of society, family, financial difficulties, personal hardships. Some of our most revered Artists, Scientists, Inventors overcame tremendous challenges. Galileo was persecuted for his theories of the earth revolving around the Sun. We have so much to be grateful for from those brave souls that persisted and realized their dreams.
If we look locally, we will find many individuals accomplishing just that. In the Guelph area, Dr. Anne-Marie Zajdlik, has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of Aids in Lesotho, Africa, and to bring extensive aid to this Country. Her actions alone have had and continue to have an enormous impact on improving health and lives there with the Bracelet of Hope campaign.
Also compassionate, loving individuals I have the honour to know working to provide shelter, care and eventually homes for animals in need. Many also work to provide aid for Wildlife. These people are truly Light Workers, our Earth Angels.
I am constantly inspired by the “Good” I see in the World, the amount of Love there is. I believe we are at a critical point in history and it is our Dreams, our compassion and ability to show love that will create the shift in our World.
From those dreams as a young girl, I have found ways to bring my dreams into reality, to help make a difference, to live my life passionately; I continue to create my Dream Life.
To keep our Passion for Life ….. Dream ……. See our Possibilities and seize the moment.
Life is but a Dream …………… What is yours?

Wish upon a star for blog

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